Business Needs Benefit Realisation

The target with projects is realisation of benefits. Realisation of benefits does not appear without effort. The organisation must acknowledge that corporate management is responsible for realisation of benefits and that the work continues after the delivery of the project.

In participating with the customer, a mapping of which benefits to be realised is performed, and timeframe of realisation is set. Based on this, starting-point/zero-point is estimated, and goal criteria is set in order to follow up the benefits. In parallel with this, it is decided who is the owner of the benefit, and the responsible for follow up and measurement of benefit achievement.

Benefits can be achieved during the running project, but the majority is realised after the completion of the project

Together with the customer we assist with handover of realisation of benefits from project to line organisation and other sponsors who is responsible to follow up the product, and ensure benefit targets.

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:

Azure, Microsoft, AWS, Amazon, Bluemix, IBM