General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Crayon's GDPR Maturity Assessment

GDPR Crayon's GDPR Maturity Assessment

The increased focus on protecting information and data places ever increasing demands on the security and flexibility of organisations.

Crayon have developed a GDPR Maturity Assessment which will help organisations highlight areas which are important in preparing for the GDPR. 


Crayon's GDPR Assessment provides an overview of your organisation's environment, policies and legal requirements and how these relate to GDPR.

  • Focuses on areas where risk minimisation is required

  • Helps you develop a specific action plan that ensures your implementation is accurate, efficient and compliant.

Download the pdf to find out more about how Crayon can help you and your organisation become GDPR compliant. 

Crayon's GDPR Maturity Assessment What it entails...

Awareness Seminar

A tailored seminar to raise awareness whilst reviewing GDPR legislation and its core elements, helping to ensure a solid introduction to the GDPR definitions.

Assessment Workshop

A workshop conducted in the form of interviews and deep discussions with relevant stakeholders in your organisation will provide a deep understanding of your current situation.

Data Collection

Data collection is the foundation of the Data Flow Analysis.  Crayon will deploy and configure the necessary tools to enable us to identify data streams and associated applications within your IT infrastructure.

Data Flow Analysis

Crayon will conduct a detailed audit of your organisation's business processes and GDPR related procedures. Using the knowledge obtained during this process will allow Crayon to obtain a detailed overview of your organisation's data streams, its content and its sensitivity.

GDPR Maturity Assessment

Crayon will provide you with a comprehensive insight into how your organisation should design and customise your related GDPR documentation. In addition to this, Crayon will make recommendations on how your policies and processes can be implemented, ensuring all your business areas are GDPR ready.

Ready for GDPR

The final GDPR Report will provide a detailed set of findings and recommendations, highlighting areas of risk and the current maturity and readiness of your organisation.  

The main objective of this engagement is that you gain a high level of understanding from our findings and recommendations. to enable you and your organisation to work towards a clear roadmap and plan to achieve your goal of GDPR compliance.

GDPR Maturity Assessment Through the SAM-iQ Delivery Platform