IBM Find Your Safe Licensing Landing Zone
Crayon Get Help From The Global SAM & IBM Experts

Crayon are a Premier IBM Business Partner, a System Z Business partner and experts in IBM technology with over 230 IBM certifications worldwide. We truly understand the complexity of IBM licensing and know how to optimise it for our customers.

Through working closely with IBM, Crayon has developed a new and innovative service that guarantees continual compliance for IBM customers, whilst at the same time optimises the ROI on their IBM investments.

The Crayon Continuous Compliance Program (CCCP) is a structured framework that offers customers a unique opportunity to not only become compliant and stay compliant with their IBM technology estate, but to also dramatically reduce their chances of being audited by IBM and the consequent drain of the technical team resources needed to manage publisher audits.

Engaging on Crayon's Continuous Compliance Program, ensures ongoing and constant optimisation of your entire IBM license portfolio, by providing:

  • Quarterly Effective License Position (ELP) updates
  • IBM specialist support
  • An annual baseline
  • Access to Crayon's License Helpdesk
  • Complete ILMT and manual reporting
  • ILMT Upgrades and maintenance
  • Status and forecast meetings

Click here to find out more about The Crayon Continuous Compliance Program.

Big Data Illumination IBM Data & Analytics Optimisation

Never in the history of modern commerce has the enterprise had more access to the cognitive building blocks of success, but too often illumination is obstructed by poor data architectures and analytics tools.

IBM's innovative open platform architecture is a system of insight built to provide collaborative environments, combining your systems of record with your system of engagement to deliver a holistic platform of intelligence.

Watch our 'Big Data Illumination' video featuring David Chancellor-Maddison from IBM System & Technology Group to find out more about IBM data and analytics optimisation.

WHITEPAPER Don't Step Into The Blue With Anyone Else

Ensuring you stay compliant with your license agreements can be a mammoth task, and the implications of not doing so can have serious financial consequences.

Whilst ensuring you are compliant with your IBM licensing agreements may feel like a leap into the unknown, Crayon are on hand to guide you to a safe landing zone

Read our Whitepaper to find out how we can help your business efficiently manage its IBM technology estate.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Don't Get Caught in a Free Fall

IBM are one of the most proactive auditors within the software publishing world

Crayon estimate that on average an IBM customer is audited every 3-5 years.

This on-demand webinar takes a closer look at the IBM audit process and will demonstrate the extreme value that our highly experienced SAM consultants can bring to you in easing an IBM audit.

PODCAST The IBM License Experts

IBM audits are lengthy and can be painful but we can offer extensive advice, consultancy and support to help IBM customers to optimise their licensing estate and to minimise the impact of the audit process.

In this IBM Licensing Experts podcast, Ashley Gatehouse, Chief Marketing Officer for Crayon Group, will be discussing some of the key questions that we are often asked around the complexity of IBM audits and licensing. 

CASE STUDY Norwegian National Rail Operator Saves Millions by Optimising their IBM Estate

It’s no secret that IBM software audits are extremely time consuming with a significant risk of costs to address any issues found.

IBM uses approximately nine different contract types to define license entitlements and usage rights and this leads to an enormous variety of products and license models.

All that makes it really complex and potentially difficult for customers to optimise and be compliant without expert help. Find out how Crayon helped Norwegian National Rail Administration, Jernbaneverket, save millions by optimising their IBM licensing.