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It may feel like you’re climbing a mountain, but at Crayon we’re used to dealing with the challenge. Just like the best expedition crews, we have the right team and equipment to create a map that will allow your organisation to conquer Office 365.

There’s no doubt that Office 365 can deliver incredible mobility, flexibility and collaboration benefits. The question is how to make it a reality when you have an existing on-premise estate, user licenses in place and employees with multiple devices?


MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Choose the Route that's Best for Your Business

Microsoft Office 365 through Crayon offers a flexible platform that lets you choose the route that’s best for your business, whether that’s on-premise on in the cloud.

Purchasing Office 365 on a per-user basis eliminates the cost and hassle of buying and installing separate licenses per machine. Every user can then access the Microsoft suite of Office applications anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Join web conferences on the go; access documents wherever you are from any device


With multiple datacentres all over the world, Microsoft Online Services’ SLA includes 99.9% scheduled uptime


Access the latest features and functionality of the Microsoft app suite with free upgrades as soon as they become available

Now get Office 2016 with Office 365

Newly launched Office 2016 is the latest addition to the Office 365 service and is also available as a one-time purchase. It boasts a host of new features and more regular updates.

To find out more about Office 2016, click here.

WHITEPAPER The Hybrid & the EA - Your Perfect Path to the Cloud

With the Cloud offering so many opportunities for cost savings and efficiency gains, why aren’t more businesses making their entire software licensing Cloud-based?

With analysts predicting that the trend is pointing towards more organisations managing hybrid environments as a solution in their own right, this white paper explores how these changes are driving new EA offerings that could be just the right thing for your business.


ON-DEMAND WEBINAR The Summit of Straight Forward Licensing

Office 365 offers incredible productivity, cost savings and increased flexibility – but how do you know if it’s for you? And how do you get your existing on-premise users there without stepping into a licensing blizzard?

This on-demand webinar looks at how Office 365 could free up your business to explore new avenues, make your employees more adventurous and give you a sure footing when it comes to managing licensing.

MICROSOFT Remote Desktop Services

If you are currently working in a Remote Desktop environment or are planning to do so within the next 3 years, Crayon – the licensing experts – are best placed to help you build the most efficient set-up. Our specialists will ensure you avoid paying twice for new licenses on expiry and cut out any redundant licenses, which you no longer need.  

As many organisations now take advantage of the increased productivity, flexibility and efficiency that comes from mobile working, it brings a new set of challenges to the modern workplace. Maintaining effective communication, and ensuring maximum network availability and productivity can become increasingly difficult. In order to help overcome these challenges, Remote Desktop Services are more prevalent than ever, and with that comes the need for Software Assurance. 

To find out more about Remote Desktop Services, click here.

CONSULTANCY Route to Cloud Licensing

When you’re planning to take your business to the Cloud, licensing is a crucial part of making sure that you get there successfully. One false step and you could be on a slippery slope to non-compliance and a very uncomfortable budget meeting.

You need an expert on hand to guide you and that’s why Crayon has developed the Route to Cloud service designed to put you in control of your existing estate, and provide you with a clear roadmap to Cloud.


Service Offer Proud to be Cloud Days

We help you to get your users active on Office 365 through a range of services and activities, all delivered at a date and location convenient to you.

A member of our expert team will visit you to share best practices, answer common questions and get everybody making the most of their Office 365 entitlement. These highly interactive sessions showcase the very best of the Office 365 user experience, bringing your users up to speed faster than you can say “cumulus nimbus”.

CASE STUDY Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Growth is almost always a positive phenomenon, but Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA were experiencing growing pains when their workforce increased by around 2000 employees.

With a compact IT department, they needed to make a change to ensure their infrastructure and staff could keep up. To avoid the impending stormy situation, Norwegian took to the Cloud with Crayon. By working with Crayon to implement Office 365 with a new Exchange solution, and standardise video communication with Lync, Norwegian experienced a marked decrease in IT support requests, freeing up the team to effectively handle work that’s business critical and time sensitive. Head of IT Operations, Petter Granviken was thrilled when “the issue of a full mail box became history”. Find out more about how Cloud with Crayon can take you to clearer skies.