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Software and Cloud Optimization & Management Service

Software and Cloud Optimization & Management Service is a module-based service designed by Crayon to help organizations to control their spend on cloud subscriptions, software licenses and support & maintenance. Managing complex software licensing agreements with a mix of both on premise and cloud entitlements is difficult. Our services deliver greater visibility on the entire cloud and on-premises software estate providing usage and availability analysis for taking informed decisions regarding the company software asset management policies, IT strategy, budget planning and software lifecycle management. We review the potential for cost savings, operating costs optimization & decreasing the information security and compliance risks.    .

We are a global leader in IT and digital transformation services and the largest independent 'cloud economics' practice. We are trusted technical advisors to many of the world's leading organizations and through our unique people, tools and systems we help optimize our clients' ROI from complex technology investments.

Crayon specializes in supporting customers across all industry sectors with complex local, regional and global IT estates. Our experts help clients specify, plan, deploy, manage and optimize technology ecosystems.


  • Gives point in time intelligence on your Software & Cloud estate providing clarity to support ongoing strategic business decision making
  • Identifying software cost savings opportunities. Becoming more agile through better use of resources, depreciation of the not used “on shelf” subscriptions and pay exactly what you use
  • Reporting on M365 adoption, user profiling and subscription mix based on the actual use
  • Design and size your cloud infrastructure and optimization of the software costs by mixing different licensing programs and options according to organizations needs
  • Decrease of compliance and audit risks and present monetized reporting charting savings and cost avoidance
  • Receive on-demand licensing consultancy and support with SLA
  • License Management


Why Crayon?

Crayon Provides unrivalled expertise in :

  • License Management
  • SAM and Cloud related analysis and reporting
  • A unique standardised cloud-based delivery platform for all Crayons' services

Crayon recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Managed Services. Download the full Report to learn more

Crayon are the global software and cloud experts. We help you gain clarity from complexity, optimize the ROI from your technology investments and simplify and secure your journey to digital transformation. We are trusted advisors to many of the world's leading organizations and provide end to end licensing, technical and support and services that allow you to use as much or as little of our capabilities as you need.

Through the Crayon Software and Cloud Analytics (SCA) practice, previously known as Software Asset Management (SAM), customers are empowered to have more control over their technological estate to optimize ROI while remaining compliant. 

Crayon understands that this practice area is extensive. Thus, we want to share with you our top 4 services from our Software and Cloud Analytics services catalog bound to help meet your business needs.  


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Dimitar Valov

Software and Cloud Analytics consultant

+359 887 822O88 dimitar.valov@crayon.com

Dimitar  has more than 18 years expertise in IT worked on various projects in many different industries. He has a proven track record in successfully delivered mid and large-scale projects. Extensive experience in various SAM and license management initiatives helping customers in optimizing their software and cloud spend. Reducing the risks and effectively managing their license estate. 

Dimitar is Microsoft Certified Professional, VMware Certified Professional, SNOW License Manager certified, holds engineering diploma from Technical university in Sofia, diploma in System and Application Software Development