Software & Cloud Analytics License Advisory Service

Ask the Experts

Crayon is on your side and always here to answer your questions. License Advisory Service gives you on-demand access to our team of experts professionally answering licensing, terms of use and agreement questions. We have Software and Cloud Analytics and Cloud Consultants readily available. With agreed upon response times, it's time for you Ask The Experts.  



Direct access to licensing consultants – providing customers qualified and professional support by answering your licensing questions including licensing in specific IT infrastructure environment, interpretation of Product Use rights, programmatic rules and agreement specifics. The service is provided via automated ticketing platform and is granted by SLAs.



  • Receive on-demand licensing consultancy whenever you need and base your business strategic decisions on proven expertise
  • Compliance risk avoidance
  • Unlimited licensing requests with agreed upon response times
  • Crayon Provides unrivalled expertise in
  • License Management
  • SAM and Cloud related analysis and reporting


Why Crayon?

  • Crayon Provides unrivalled expertise in
  • License Management
  • SAM and Cloud related analysis and reporting
  • A unique standardised cloud-based delivery platform for all Crayons’ services

Crayon are the global software and cloud experts. We help you gain clarity from complexity, optimize the ROI from your technology investments and simplify and secure your journey to digital transformation. We are trusted advisors to many of the world's leading organizations and provide end to end licensing, technical and support and services that allow you to use as much or as little of our capabilities as you need.

Next steps in your software compliance journey Which services fits best to your business needs

Agreement Optimization and Roadmap

Protect your technology investment with Agreement Optimization. Crayon will help you understand what your future options are in terms of licensing. Once we know what the current state looks like, we can help roadmap a plan for the next three years. If you need help with a roadmap and/or contract negotiations Agreement Optimization is for you. Gartner suggests that organizationscan cut spending on software by as much as 30% by implementing software license optimization best practices. | Find out more  


Microsoft Baseline Engagement

The first step to software compliance is to see exactly what is entitled and deployed. This will be mapped with the company licenses and subscriptions procured and will provide information about the over licensed and under licensed products. By using the service, you will be able to optimize the software spend and reducing the compliance risk. A baseline engagement will provide you immediate visibility into your software estate and give you access to a team of experts to understand your current compliance state. | Find out more  


Microsoft 365 Rightsize

A Microsoft Baseline identifies immediate savings. Do you want to take it a step further and see what software you are actually using based on consumption? Then Office 365 Righstize is your next step. A Rightsize assessment will find true business value in your technology investment and evaluate if you are gaining the most value you could be. | Find out more