Microsoft Simplify Cloud Complexity with Office 365

Moving to the Cloud? Avoid Those #Facepalm Moments for Good
POWERFUL PRODUCTIVITY Addressing the Challenges that Slow your Business Down

In this on-demand webcast you'll learn how you can achieve powerful productivity with Office 365 and address some of the challenges that could significantly slow your business down.

Productivity is a great starting point to kick-start your Office 365 journey. Our team of experts can help you see how an infinite and secure IT infrastructure can fit in to your business.

These new IT environments allows for customisation and scalability to meet the unique needs of your business relative to applications, connectivity, infrastructure and mobility.

Read more about how to manage your Office 365 licenses and stay sane while moving to the Cloud on the Crayon Optimised Blog.

SIMPLIFY CLOUD COMPLEXITY Navigating your Business to a Successful Cloud-Based Future

There’s a reason why global spend on cloud services is predicted to reach $79.1bn by 2018, and put simply – it’s because it works – but only if used correctly.

Cloud is often positioned as a destination, but for many organisations it’s a journey that has a direct impact on their entire infrastructure. If not adequately prepared, the journey can be a rocky one.

As more and more companies plan their own migration to the cloud, it is of vital importance that they go in with their eyes open, weighing up the risks, and adequately planning for any challenges they may face.

This whitepaper discusses all aspects of the process from how SAM can help you identify which tools and services are Cloud Ready, to how to prepare for a conversation with your software suppliers.

Office 365 The time for experimenting is over

Move from E1 to E3 and get serious about cloud

So you’ve dipped your toes into Office 365. Isn’t it time you showed your business you’re serious about this new way of working?

Find out why moving from an E1 to E3 license gives you a more robust experience that will make full adoption easier.

Download to know what do you get with Office 365 E5.


Microsoft Azure gives you the power to plug into vast computing power at a price plan that makes sense.

You can easily and quickly scale up or down to match demand, meaning you only pay for what you use.

But how do you know if you're truly optimising your cloud investment?

Azure Reporting Services from Crayon will help you discover the most efficient way to achieve your business goals and utilise on-premise or cloud infrastructure based on the technology you're actually using.

Plus, if Azure isn't already the main source of your operation, Crayon will demonstrate precisely how this powerful platform will positively affect your business and its ROI.

Click here to find out more about Azure Reporting Services or visit Crayon's Optimised Blog to find out how you can get in control of your Azure Cloud licensing once and for all.

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA Making the Issue of a Full Mailbox History

Growth is almost always a positive phenomenon, but Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA were experiencing growing pains when their workforce increased by around 2000 employees.

With a compact IT department, they needed to make a change to ensure their infrastructure and staff could keep up.

To avoid the impending stormy situation, Norwegian Air took to the Cloud with Crayon to implement Office 365 with a new Exchange solution, and standardised video communication with Lync. Head of IT Operations, Petter Granviken was thrilled when “the issue of a full mail box became history.” Find out more about how Cloud with Crayon can take you to clearer skies.

Office 365 Need better MDM?

Upgrading to Microsoft 365 is the easy fix.

Moving from your Office 365 E3 license to the entry level Microsoft 365 E3 license comes with many benefits, but the best bit is that it includes full-strength device management via Microsoft Intune.

Isn't it high time you thought about getting all your mobile devices and apps fully under control?

With Microsoft 365, you can do exactly that.

Download to know what your business could achieve.


At Crayon, we’re firm believers that whilst transitioning to Cloud Services is not a journey to be taken lightly, the benefits that Cloud applications and services make available to businesses today are truly transformational.

Whilst Cloud can look like the best place for your IT infrastructure and services, actually getting there can be fraught with complexities that blur your thinking and slow down business.

That’s why we’ve put together our Silver Lining Quick Reference Guide to demonstrate how Cloud can help to provide a silver lining for some of the biggest business and licensing challenges that many organisations face today.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be daunted by the minefield that can be cloud migration, speak to Crayon and discover a trusted partner that truly takes the time to establish what you want to achieve, and how you can best achieve it.