Optimising the Modern Data Platform

Taming the Volume

HARNESS THE VALUE Optimise Your Data

Data has always been a valuable resource for businesses but being able to harness the value from the vast volumes of information that surround your organisation today can be a challenge.

The digital age has seen the collection and use of data by businesses explode. In fact, the big data and analytics industry is now worth over $122 billion.

The sheer volume of data captured by many organisations means that analytics software is required to tame this data and make sense of it so it can be used in a comprehensible way.

Technologies like SQL Server 2016 and Power BI filter out data that isn’t useful to you and make it easier to digest by presenting the information visually. Not only does this allow you to be more precise, it also means you can analyse data as it’s captured, from any source.

Once analysed, actionable insights into customer preferences and behaviour can be found that will help your business and your customers in a number of different ways.

  • Analyse everything from sales figures and industry trends to surveys and social media
  • Build a complete picture to target and serve your customers more effectively
  • Identify additional services you could deliver to your customers
  • Make better use of your resources, improve the management of your people and optimise your processes

This first webinar in our Optimising Your Data Platform webinar series is Taming the Volume. This session will provide insight into what makes up the vast volumes of data that surrounds your business, and explores how you can build a more complete picture of your organisation by harnessing the information that surrounds it.

Our Optimising Your Data Platform webinar series will be available through your local Crayon subsidiary. Please contact your local Crayon team to register for any of our webinars or to find out more.

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