Secure Productive Enterprise

Secure Productive Enterprise The Most Trusted, Secure & Productive Way to Work

Secure Productive Enterprise from Microsoft offers the most trusted, secure, and productive way to work, by bringing together the best of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Secure Productive Enterprise helps to empower employees and uses best-in-class cloud services to deliver the latest and most advanced innovations in enterprise security, management, collaboration, and business analytics.


Digital trends are changing the way people work...

Digital transformation represents tremendous opportunities to businesses and enables them to engage with their customers in new ways, transform their products, and optimise their operations.

Through Crayon's unique tools and solutions, and in collaboration with Microsoft, we are able to assist our clients to empower their employees, whilst avoiding security threats that can pose a huge challenge to productivity.

SECURE PRODUCTIVE ENTERPRISE Why Choose Secure Productive Enterprise?

The innovations in Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security work in collaboration with each other, and coupled with solutions from Crayon we are able to deliver our clients a holistic, agile, security platform, guaranteed to offer the most trusted, secure and productive way to work.

Security Protecting Organisations, Data & People

As organisations digitally transform, securing productivity, collaboration, and enterprise data is critically important.

Secure Product Enterprise provides comprehensive security features such as:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for end point detection.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security for managing the SaaS apps employees are using.
  • Azure Information Protection to ensure information stays secure.
  • Office 365 Advanced Security Management to give greater visibility and control over Office 365.

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Productivity Embracing Diverse Workstyles & Empowering Teams

Microsoft's Secure Productive Enterprise offers users a complete office in the cloud, and allows organisations to maximise their technology investment, whilst providing productivity solutions that can have a hugely positive impact on the workstyles of teams.

Collaboration is central to productivity and it is crucial for employees to have the right tools to enable them to stay connected, share work with team members across desktop, online and mobile, and easily find and share files.

  • Real-time co-authoring in Office 365 provides users with a more cohesive collaboration experience across the desktop, online, and mobile.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise transforms the way teams use the core Office 365 products, and provides significant value in streamlining management and optimising operations.
  • Skype for Business lets teams connect with from anywhere, across multiple devices and simplifies an organisation's infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.

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Intelligence Providing Insights to Drive Faster, Better Decisions

As teams rapidly form and disband, it’s critical for people to be able to quickly discover the work of others and build upon it through a shared intelligent fabric.

Microsoft uses intelligent systems to empower organisations to help people understand more about the way they work, and with intelligent tools that help everyone get more out of Office. 

  • The Cortana personal digital assistant helps teams be more productive through intelligent search capabilities that span desktops, devices, and the internet.
  • Excel and Power BI makes it easy to move between tools - from building data models to performing analysis, visualising insights, and refining your data.
  • Integrating intelligence across Office 365 apps means teams have access to intelligent information and insights right where you are working without leaving the app. 

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Microsoft's Secure Productive Enterprise is full of insights to drive faster and better business decisions.

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Microsoft's Secure Productive Enterprise was born out of the need to give organisations the most effective method possible for improving productivity.

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In today’s modern workplace, many employees use their own devices while at work and it’s also commonplace for them to work from various locations.

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