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Crayon Global Digital Taskforce Responding to CV-19


The current pandemic virus outbreak not only affects our personal life, but also how we do business together and changes the priorities, how we make business decisions, considering the impact on the real economy.

Business must go on – but not like usual. This starts with how we engage, over how we respect your change in business priorities until our advice on your options.

Crayon provides a “Global Digital Task Force”, which not only ensures our continued availability of consultancy services but also can guarantee that we solve time critical topics like renewal of all existing license agreements. We reflect on the changes in our environment and eventually your business priorities and preferences in decision making.

New challenges

It became obvious, that the virus outbreak not only changes the way, how we work together, but also our mid-term priorities and due diligence, how to evaluate business risks.

Crayon responds with a “digital taskforce”, which helps you to collect and analyze the existing data, and builds scenarios and recommendations, how to proceed with your license agreement.


We classify now businesses in three different categories: risk averse, contrarian investors and neutrals: What all these three categories have in common, that they would prefer a quick comparison of all their options and evaluate the financial, technical and legal aspects – without wasting time and risk their health in in-person meetings.

Methodology and SLA

With our "global digital taskforce" we apply our proven tools and methodology to investigate your options. We gather the data electronically without physical presence and collect information from all relevant stakeholder in an assisted interview about your future roadmap. We show you available options, compare with your requirements and benchmark against best practice in similar industries.

Within two weeks, we can collect your entitlements for licenses and cloud subscriptions, map against actual usage, and model with your future roadmap – from the bare minimum to new/additional technology.

You receive analysis about the financial and technical impact. We also assess flexibility to cater for future changes. In addition, you receive recommendations, how to optimize your infrastructure to reduce your cost and increase your flexibility.

Business Continuity

Crayon operates globally from 40 different countries on a common cloud-based IT infrastructure. Regardless of the availability in one specific office or country, we are able to distribute all your business requests and transactions globally, to ensure 99.99% response rate.

In addition, we offer helpdesk and support service as a backup to your existing IT and license management resources with more than 500 consultants globally for all software and cloud vendors. This ensures not only contingency planning from your side but mitigates critical risk in case of a crisis or business-critical emergency.