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This brief webinar (30 mins) will demonstrate how you can drive user adoption and get the very best from the Microsoft technologies you invest in.

Most organisations and users utilise a very limited set of features that are available within Office365 and don’t go in search of the constant new and improved ways of working that the software delivers. We also find that even when training is rolled out that users generally pay little attention and as a result our research suggests that the average non-technical user will utilise 10-15% of the available functionality at their disposal.

Crayon are one of the leading Microsoft partners globally and through years of direct customer experience our consultants have created methodologies led by Change Management practices which directly enable organisations and their users to find improved and more efficient ways of working.

Who is this webinar for…

Whether you are looking to drive up productivity using the Microsoft software you have invested in or are looking to rollout a new element of Office365 i.e. Windows 10, Teams, SharePoint etc and want to find ways of helping your users to adopt new ways of working then this webinar is ideal for you.

In 30 mins you will hear:

  • The challenges in driving adoption of technologies
  • Key principles required to drive adoption
  • Recommended process
  • Best practices for learning and adoption
  • Measurement and insight – proving the adoption is working

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Date: 7th Feb

Time: 10:30 GMT


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Date: 12th Feb

Time: 10:30 GMT