Service Provider Programs


COMMVAULT Service Provider Program

Succeeding in the highly competitive partner world today means ensuring customer data is protected, managed and stored securely, while also delivering fast, secure, self-service access.

Trying to deliver services that meet these requirements with multiple point products that are not designed to work together or scale across thousands of multi-tenant customers, makes this task nearly impossible. 

Commvault software solves this challenge with a single software solution built from the ground up with all data management functions incorporated.

Crayon can leverage the common platform in Commvault’s software to deliver cloud-based services for:

  • Managed Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Archive
  • Managed Email for Compliance and e-Discovery
  • Remote Office Backup
  • Edge Data Protection for Laptops and Desktops

Why Work With Crayon?

Crayon has partnered with Commvault and is a member of Commvault’s Service Provider Program.  

Crayon can now leverage Commvault’s software to offer you total data management solutions. Crayon can also leverage Commvault's tools and program benefits to enable you to:

  • Meet and exceed SLA's with a stable, enterprise-based platform
  • Get to market quickly with training and joint marketing tools
  • Sustain multiple offerings leveraging one platform for backup, archive and eDiscovery
  • Reduce long term management costs while increasing offerings to customers
  • "Pay as you grow", keeping start-up costs low and allowing you to expand offerings when ready