Crayon Capabilities

Crayon’s individual set of capabilities in SAM, Licensing, Cloud and Unified Communications means we are able to review your current licensing in-line with how your teams work and the technology you are actually using.  Our market leading and proven methodologies focus on both ‘Technology’ and ‘People’, ensuring that your teams can make the most of the productivity these solutions provide.

SAM A Client Centric Business Philosophy

Crayon will work on your behalf to offer you the most comprehensive and structured range of SAM consultancy services in order to optimise ROI through realistic TCO reduction.

Our team of highly accredited consultants along with our unique tools and systems can offer the most comprehensive range of SAM consulting solutions available in the market.

Office 365 can provide challenges to organisations when it comes to measuring, predicting or forecasting usage. Also migrating from existing on-premise licensing models to the correct cloud based models to support applications and systems in these environments can be costly and inefficient if they are not understood and managed correctly.

The Deliverables:

  • Consumption reports detailing current and predicted usage of services
  • A managed service around the commitment to report on usage
  • Reports showing how your environment can be optimised to run more effectively

The Benefits:

  • Peace of mind in the fact that you have accurate intelligence into the software being consumed and its associated costs
  • Optimise complex datacentre environments 
Licensing Management Only we Guarantee to Reduce Costs

Our team of highly accredited consultants, along with our unique tools and systems can offer the most comprehensive range of License Management consulting solutions available.

Our experts can assist you in understanding the choices available and help you in maximising the benefits from your decision.

Workshops can be organised to discuss the current state of deployment of your technology and the entitlement held against the future plans for deployment such as upgrades, new technology, virtualisation and cloud migration. As well as create scenarios that show the levels of investment needed and the savings that can be made across the different options.

The Deliverables:

  • A consultative engagement to highlight your current and future software requirements.
  • A strategic approach will help devise the most efficient and cost effective approach for future software procurement.
  • Scenarios and options with accurate cost analysis for the next 3 to 6 years

The Benefits:

  • Optimised processes that result in further reductions in software spend
  • The ability to identify the most appropriate and cost effective licensing agreement type with which to deliver your current and future IT strategy
Cloud Let Crayon Guide You to Brighter Skies

Whilst Cloud can be the best place for your IT infrastructure and services, the journey may be complex.

Cloud is not a destination - it’s a journey that impacts the entire organisation and can be a challenging experience if you’re not adequately prepared.  Crayon have the most comprehensive catalogue of cloud technology solutions along with unique tools, platforms and deep consulting experience and services that will allow you to accelerate your business in the cloud. 

Allowing you to not only define your ideal journey to the cloud but also to simplify the deployment, adoption and management of your customer’s technology consumption.  Ensuring that you optimise your time and ROI on your cloud technology investments.

Collaboration Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are coming together!

Implement Skype for Business & Teams successfully with Crayon.

Crayon consultants have deployed thousands of seats, utilising our expertise.  We will work with you to consider the key elements that must be addressed to achieve a successful implementation.

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