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IBM ILMT Bigfix - Upgrade to V9.x

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It's now time to upgrade to ILMT v9.x. On September 1st, IBM discontinued support of their License Metric Tool  (ILMT) v7.

Why Upgrade?

ILMT v9.x combines the license management capabilities with the broad endpoint management functionality of the BigFix platform, creating a strong, scalable software asset management (SAM) platform.

Why Upgrade Now?

To ensure that your firm is correctly licensed within IBM's license terms to benefit from Sub-Capacity, it´s critical to be on the most recent release of ILMT.


Crayon are able to provide a comprehensive installation service that delivers the installation and configuration of ILMT and BigFix platform.  

Already using BigFix? Our frustration-free migration services will leverage your existing BigFix infrastructure.  New to BigFix? We will help you understand how to leverage IBM’s powerful product and assist you in getting your ILMT reporting properly.

We deliver a total License Position on IBM and other vendors that will accurately depict your current software footprint and allow you to confidently represent your software licensing needs and reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Our security-minded professionals have experience in all industries and in the most complex environments. Crayon, an IBM PartnerWorld Gold-Accredited Partner for SAM, has performed more end-to-end ILMT implementations over the last 5 years than any other company.

We are certified in IBM BigFix, ILMT, sub-capacity licensing and act as a major contributor to the International Standards Organization for SAM.