Crayon Compliance Program Training Software Auditors Day
Training Crayons Software Auditors Day

Approved Software Auditor's Day from £499 per person. Free for qualifying Crayon Compliance Programme customers

The one day Software Auditor's Day training course is an ideal follow up from the Software Manager’s Workshop, this course focuses on running and maintaining an effective audit process.

Course Topics


As with any project, adequate planning is essential to ensure objectives are achieved.

Audit Tool Methodology & Selection

A software auditing tool will assist with the software audit process.


Reconciliation ensures that licensing limits are not exceeded. The reconciliation process involves cross checking software purchases (shown by entitlement and use rights) against software inventory and usage (the results of the software audit).

Ongoing Management

Organisations need to maintain their Software Management processes. Once the project is complete and the organisation has achieved registration to the Standard, the IT policies & procedures and the Crayon Compliance Programme need to be incorporated into everyday business practice.


On this course, you are provided with an information pack to help you through the Crayon Compliance Programme. You will sit an exam and, if successful, obtain the ‘Approved Software Auditor’ qualification.

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