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Crayon Your First Choice SAM as a Service Partner

SAM as a Service (SAMaaS) is a single hosted, managed service that provides Crayon customers with the ability to easily take control of their software and technology assets across their IT environment.

Crayon offer a range of flexible SAM solutions ranging from outsourcing specific tasks or an organisation's entire SAM function. We are experts at working in on-premise, off-premise or hybrid configuration solutions and work with your choice of discovery tool, ideal for growing and evolving organisations serious about optimising their IT estate.

SAM as a Service How Can Crayon Help?

Crayon are the SAMaaS specialists and offer the most flexible options available in the market today.

Unlike other SAM providers we don’t force our clients to use a single proprietary discovery and inventory tool. There are many such tools available and Crayon customers benefit from this 'tool agnostic' philosophy.

We have the experience and expertise to work with any discovery tool deployed and if a customer hasn't yet deployed one we can provide expert and independent advice on tool selection and deployment.

Our philosophy is that the choice of tool is the smallest part of any SAMaaS project as we believe that all have limitations and it is the long experience and expertise of our SAM Consultants and a fanatical focus on driving clear and defined outcomes from the raw tool analysis data that differentiates Crayon.

  • Dedicated focus on driving clear and positive customer outcomes from your inventory and asset data
  • Identify unused or redundant licenses and recycle deployment within the organisation
  • Manage local or global license pools & easily manage your software agreements with all leading technology publishers, including verification, registration and license balance reporting
  • SA Benefit Management
  • Years of extensive experience in driving global best practice in software asset management
  • Comprehensive support, training and reporting
  • Microsoft Global SAM Partner
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