Consulting Services Crayon License Advisory Services (CLAS)
CLAS Establish future IT needs & define efficiencies resulting in cost reduction/avoidance

Crayon License Advisory Services (CLAS) is a facility that aims to empower you by providing a unique insight into your Microsoft software consumption, compliance position and future deployment strategy.

What do we do?

We use our decades of knowledge of Microsoft products, licensing, procurement programs, product roadmaps, product support lifecycles and industry trends, to scrutinize your installation base and assess your likely software needs.

As a result of our research, we are able to establish optimised options to enable:

  • Your current & future licensing requirements
  • Designing of an upgrade, migration or refresh strategy
  • Efficient use & deployment of costly Microsoft software
  • Cost-reduction & cost avoidance – typically 15% to 30%

How do we do it?

Our assessments of your environment and key data collection is critical to the success of any CLAS project. The method of acquiring the necessary information is by conducting a series of workshops aimed at specific stakeholders. This will ensure that we understand your business, its locations, governance, direction and strategy, which will allow us to design a series of bespoke plans to achieve efficiencies and support informed decisions.

The Workshops:

  • Baseline Assessment: under-licensing, over-licensing, duplicated technology, unused features, server usage optimization.
  • Deployment Roadmap: Microsoft product support lifecycle & release roadmap. Understanding deployment plans (upgrades / migration / new technologies), SA dependencies, Virtualisation, VDA/VDI.
  • Cloud Preparation: Technology review, COO/ROI analysis, Hybrid environments, Private v Public, Security & Governance, Industry trends.
  • Licensing Programs & Detail: Processor/Core/User/Device based licensing, VDA/VDI, SA rules (license mobility, roaming, re-imaging, DR, etc.), Office 365 & Azure, The future of licensing.

Executive Summary

Once all the data has been gathered, organised and assessed, the CLAS team will use their experience and expertise to define optimised routes for license procurement.

The CLAS recommendation will underline tangible cost savings (typically 15% to 30%), program efficiencies, as well as other benefits, and is generally used as a basis for defining future deployment strategy, setting budgets and allocating necessary resources at opportune times. It is totally impartial and independent of any other Crayon product or service.

Ultimately, CLAS will provide strong intelligence into your license operations, drive down costs and allow you to make crucial business decisions based on critically analysed data.

Crayon License Advisory Services empowers your strategy and delivers value to your business.