Managed & Subscription Services Crayon's Online Room: COR

Cloud Transformation for Students

What do today's "Digital Native" students want?

  • Quick, Secure access
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Central Location
  • Seamless connectivity

They expect universities to be tech savvy with the right tools...

  • Universities are transforming
  • Providing students with Cloud-based software through one interface
  • COR powered by Crayon is the perfect solution


The COR platform is a fully managed service for universities, providing hosted apps to students globally. It is built on one infrastructure built on Cloud technology that manages students desktop applications. The solution is fully customised for individual universities & faculties, you work with a dedicated project team that adds your unique identity to the platform. Applications are hosted on the cloud which means they are available on any connected device. With a "pay-as-you-go" business model, transform the way your students and lecturers comsume software. With our managed service, the solution also provides you with regular reporting so that you can see your consumption for the various applications per student/faculity etc.


COR improves technology management:

  • Visible

  • Agile

  • Accessible 

Does your university have multiple software requirements, especially around: Project Management/Statistics/Analytics/Creative execution/Media? Are you working with various different vendors with different purchasing terms, dates and contracts? Do you feel you have no visibility of your software estate and consumption? If so, you need to speak to our dedicated COR specialists for an initial consultation and learn more about our existing COR projects.