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Audit Support Helping you prepare for & negotiate a vendor audit

Have you ever recieved an audit from a software vendor and needed help preparing the required reports?

Benefit from our extensive experience from a large number of license audits from all major vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, and more). Our SAM know-how enables us to specifically identify missing data and thus avoid negative assumptions from the auditors.

Crayon works closely with the customer to enable co-ordination and planning. Our consultants all have experience as auditors and we support you throughout the entire audit cycle, starting with the consultation from the receipt of the audit letter to the settlement negotiations.

Our services at a glance:

  • Planning, monitoring, controlling and / or verifying the results of license audits
  • Cross-vendor services to protect customer interests and strengthen negotiating positions
  • Control of data flows against auditors and the prior assessment of impacts
  • Assesment and reporting of compliance results

For best results, contact us upon receipt of your audit notice. If you receive unexpectedly negative audit results and are suspicious of possible improvements to the balance sheet, or if you need assistance with settlement, contact crayon today..

Audit Support How Can Crayon Help?

Audit Support is typically an engagement initiated by an organistion receiving a request for audit from a vendor or an enforcement agency. The engagement is designed to support the customer during the audit and to review, validate  the results of the audit report on behalf of the customer.

This service is designed to add value to the customer as Crayon's expert consulting team have in-depth knowledge and years of experience on vendor products and audit culture. We offer support to the customer in negotiations with the vendor and the monetary impact for the customer is that the settlement will be significantly lower than the first audit draft. We will also provide a service that reduces the need for internal resources and provide a faster return to business as usual operations.

The goal for this service is to support new and existing customers in navigating safely though the vendor audit  by providing advisory services related to their overall IT strategy and the existing environment. This includes making sure that the customer are not purchasing products and solutions that are not aligned with the organisational IT strategy.

Schedule an appointment now with your Crayon Audit specialist and get clarity around the next steps.

  • Determine whether or not your audit letter is authentic
  • Understand why your company is being audited 
  • Discover your current level of risk 
  • Assist in determining the next steps for your organisation
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