Software Asset Management

Risk and Reward Assessment

Risk and Reward Assessment Monetise your savings from your SAM investment

Do you need help with assessing the current situation of your SAM environment?

Crayon's Risk and Reward Assessment is a unique and direct tool, aimed at improving our customer's EBIDTA.

This provides the customer with a monetised insight into what losses and unforeseen costs are hidden within their software assets, as well as potential cost savings and optimisations that aim to mitigate the risk of losses. 

Risk and Reward Assessment What are they?

A Risk & Reward Assessment provides a detailed overview of your current SAM processes in relation to the IT industry's best practices, as well as providing recommendation on how it can be optimised to avoid and reduce complience risks. 

A Risk & Reward Assessment looks at how the company's software is acquired, rolled out, managed and tracked throughout the product's life cycle until disposal.

Crayon will assess the current situation across the enterprise and advise on improvements that can be implemented immediately and in the medium term. These improvements will result in savings that can be compared to the cost of the SAM initiatives resulting in an overall ROI. 

This leaves the company with the following advantages and benefits:

  • Overview of the current situation for Software Asset Management and License Management

  • "Benchmark" of current situation against both ITIL, ISO and an average of comparable companies

  • Clearly describe which points can be improved

  • Specific action plan

  • ROI calculations