SAM & License Consulting License Optimisation Workshops
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES License Optimisation Workshops

Optimising licence agreements can for many organisations present a sure fire way of seeing an ROI from the investment in SAM, as well as the investment in technology that drives the business forward.

Selecting the correct agreement or contract options from the many that are available can be tricky and assistance from licensing specialists or SAM partners is always advisable. Which agreement you should choose and why, is not always straight forward and making the right decision can save money in the short term and over the next 3 to 6 years. 

Our experts can assist you in understanding the choices available and help you in maximising the benefits from your decision. We will formulate a workshop to discuss the current state of deployment of your technology and the entitlement held against the future plans for deployment such as upgrades, new technology, virtualisation and cloud migration as well as create scenarios that show the levels of investment needed and the savings that can be made across the different options.

Through the technology workshop and the resulting scenario analysis we can advise on the best way forward for future investment.

The Deliverables

  • A consultative engagement to highlight your current and future software requirements.
  • A strategic approach will help devise the most efficient and cost effective approach for future software procurement.
  • Scenarios and options with accurate cost analysis for the next 3 to 6 years

The Benefits

  • Optimised processes that result in further reductions in software spend
  • The ability to identify the most appropriate and cost effective licensing agreement type with which to deliver your current and future IT strategy