SAM & License Consulting

SAM Maturity Assessments


SAM Maturity Assessments provide a detailed overview of your current SAM processes against clearly defined maturity models.

A SAM Maturity Assessment will look at how software is acquired, deployed, managed and tracked through its lifecycle, until retirement and disposal.

The outcome is a comprehensive report to highlight the current levels of maturity against the best practice frameworks and standards including ITIL SAM and ISO 19770-1.

The Deliverables

  • A SAM Maturity Assessment will provide a measurement of an organisation’s current SAM maturity and align it to industry standard maturity models such as ITIL and ISO 19770-1. SAM Maturity Assessments will also provide the platform for the business case for SAM and the steps needed to improve maturity levels and introduce best practice SAM processes and procedures.

The Benefits

  • Provides an accurate view of the current state of SAM in your environment and details how to progress through to a more mature state, therefore realising the benefits of SAM operationally, legally and financially