SAM & License Consulting SAM Tools & Implementation

We have access to a range of innovative and advanced tool-sets designed to help your organisation manage its software assets more effectively.

Our Professional & Consulting Services team are available to advise on tool selection and to deploy and populate the tools within your environment, as well as to provide training on how to best utilise them.

Whether it’s by simply deploying agents to your devices across the network, or a full configuration and population resulting in an Effective Licence Position (ELP), this service can fast-track your path to enjoying the benefits of SAM.

The Deliverables

  • Assistance with selecting SAM tools
  • Proof of concept of SAM Tools to demonstrate they meet  specific requirements
  • SAM tool deployment and configuration service

The Benefits

  • Achieve quick wins from the deployment of SAM tools, gain accurate inventory records and have visibilty of all your hardware and software assets
  • Provides the foundation for successful SAM implementation.