SAM & License Consulting Specialist SAM Services

Many organisations now choose to outsource all or some of their IT environment and also manage a hybrid of on-premise and off-premise services. Outsourcing areas of the IT environment to service providers is now common place and can provide a complex environment with varying licensing models and agreement types to consider.

Platforms such as Office 365 and Windows Azure also act as viable options today for cloud based solutions. Hosted environments like Azure allow organisations to either adopt full hosted services or integrate cloud with on-premise services and solutions.

These hosted or hybrid environments can present real challenges when it comes to measuring, predicting or forecasting usage. Also migrating from existing on-premise licensing models to the correct cloud based models to support applications and systems in these environments can be costly if they are not understood and managed correctly.

Crayon has developed a range of services to assist both service providers and end user organisations in the complex areas of hosting and outsourcing across all major vendors, to ensure that this additional layer of complexity is effectively managed.

Whether you are a Service Provider (xSP) or the end user consumer, both on-premise and hosted environments have requirements to maintain compliance and report accurately on a regular basis.

We provide Baseline and Managed services for all major vendors across all platforms either on or off premise. 

The Deliverables

  • Consumption reports detailing current and predicted usage  of services in the hosted or on-premise platform.
  • A managed service around the commitment to report on usage for specific vendors in an xSP environment.
  • Whether you are an xSP or an end user organisation, we can provide quarterly reports showing how your environment can be optimised to run more effectively.

The Benefits

  • Peace of mind in the fact that you have accurate intelligence in to the software being consumed and its associated costs
  • Be sure you are meeting the requirements of the vendor in terms of reporting usage
  • Optimise complex datacentre environments e.g. SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, VmWare, Citrix