Software Asset Management

Maturity Assessment

SAM Maturity Assessment Utilising our unique maturity model

A SAM Maturity Assessment evaluates your company's ability to utilise, track and manage software assets, in order to manage the financial risks of incompliance. This helps keep IT costs in check and obtain maximum value from existing and future IT investments.

With a SAM Maturity Assessment, your organisation will receive an in-depth analysis and assessment of its current Software Asset Management practices, as well as clear direction and recommendations on how to improve the current situation in order to mitigate compliance risks.

In many companies, Software Asset Management represents one of the few remaining ways of realising substantial IT savings. This assessment will help uncover areas of financial risks and benefits.

SAM Maturity Assessment How can Crayon help?

A Crayon SAM Maturity Assessment is delivered by a means of a workshop consisting of all relevant stakeholders in the business.

Information is gathered regarding your company's SAM policies, processes and systems. The data is then analysed, the maturity level assessed and a detailed report showing your organisations SAM maturity is prepared and delivered. Finally, the findings and recommendations are presented in a follow-up meeting, this allows for further consultation and discussion and the development of a SAM roadmap. 

A Crayon SAM Maturity Assessment will bring a number of benefits to your organisation, including:

  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses within the current SAM environment

  • Clearly identify the areas to improve

  • Knowledge of how and where to take corrective actions in order to achieve the most benefit and address key areas of risk

  • Benchmark your SAM maturity level compared to other organisations simialr in size, sector or region

  • ROI calculations

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