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Are you at risk running Windows 2008 Servers?

In January 2020 Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows 2008 Server Operating System. With no further security patches or updates this leaves applications running on 2008 servers vulnerable to security breaches and attacks. Costly bespoke maintenance contracts from Microsoft may mitigate the security risks, they still leave customers with out-of-date legacy servers falling way short of modern server technology.

End of Support Migration - A better way

AWS End of Support Migration Programme (or EMP) wraps existing 2008 server software in a secure and fully supported blanket of up-to-date server technology, providing a secure and stable platform for customers to consider their next steps in upgrading and migration of legacy infrastructure.



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Future proof software

Safeguard your applications from periodic end of support events.

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Receive the latest patches and security improvements. 

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Reduced complexity

No need to refactor your applications to ensure compatibility.  

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Wide range of applications

Supports even your most complicated applications.


How it works

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Provide application requirements and testing criteria to us. 

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EMP determines operating system dependencies.

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Applications are packaged with relevant libraries and dependencies. 

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Packaged applications are thoroughly tested. 

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Applications are deployed to an AWS hosted Windows Server. 

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Review ongoing migration journey. 


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Beyond End of Support migration


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has over a decade of experience running Microsoft workloads on the cloud and offers a scalable and secure infrastructure for its customers. Migrating yourWindows-based applications to AWS gives you access to a broad selection of services with deep functionality while lowering the costs of running your Microsoft workloads. 

As an AWS migration and Windows Workload certified partner, Crayon can migrate all your Microsoft applications to AWS wth confidence, efficiency and cost effectively. 

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