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Don’t just change how you think about the cloudLet the cloud change how you think

By embracing cloud-native thinking, your journey to cloud migration becomes more than a logistical lift-and-shift operation, and instead allows you to indentify and unlock previously unseen opportunities and advantages for your business. Leveraging Crayon expertise as you begin this journey to unlock the full power of the cloud with AWS.

Crayon helped the learning process through architecture advisory, .NET developer dojos and game day workshops.
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App Modernisation - The Crayon approach

Realise the true potential of the cloud

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Trusted and highly certified AWS Partner with focused, deep expertise. 

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Focussing on business value and outcomes set by the customer. 

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Cloud-Native Thinking

Planning for the future regardless of position, using technology as a competitive advantage.  

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Team not technology

All our experts are accessible to all of our customers, not just the largest.