IBM ILMT Assessment

Is your IBM software correctly licensed - Are you compliant?

Complexity around licensing and management of software purchases is a growing challenge for most customers. Terms & conditions are constantly changing and the need for domain expertise is necessary for correct and optimal licensing.

IBM Licence Metric Tool services help organisations to achieve and maintain 100% compliance with their IBM Software Passport Advantage Licensing Agreements, providing complete peace of mind, and potential savings and avoidance of hefty audit fines.


What is ILMT?

The IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) helps you maintain an inventory of the PVU based software deployed for your Full Capacity or Virtualised (Sub Capacity) environment, and measures the PVU licences required by software product. 

It is intended to help you manage your IBM software licensing requirements, and help you maintain an audit ready posture.

Why do we need it?

It is a mandatory requirement from IBM that the latest version of IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) be installed and configured to monitor capacity-based software in the Customers infrastructure. 

This is stated in the Passport Advantage (PA) agreement between IBM and the Customer. ILMT is a free tool from IBM that monitors installed IBM Software and provides data on current usage.


Why choose Crayon for your ILMT compliance and optimisation?


World Leading

World leading

Crayon is one of the worlds leading Software Asset Managment provider on IBM Licensing and ILMT

Best Practice

Best practice

Crayon has developed a best practice service and methodology, which ensures that our customers are correctly licensed and significantly less exposed to IBM Audits

Cost Saving

Cost saving

Crayon ILMT Assessment provides documented cost savings for our customers


Let Crayon’s experts manage your IBM optimization and compliance, so that you can focus on your core business.


ILMT Assessment

For ILMT to report correctly it is crucial that the tool is correctly configured according to best practice.

A thorough review of the your ILMT installation gives you an accurate view of the status of current licensing and cost control for your IBM estate. 

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Control and visibility of license usage and costs

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Reduced risk of unforeseen costs in an audit situation

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Compliance with IBM Passport Advantage Agreement


ILMT infrastructure compliance

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To remain compliant, the ILMT infrastructure needs to be kept up to date with new versions released every quarter. The hardware and software scans need to be running and collecting data and connections to the hypervisor must remain persistent.

ILMT software compliance

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The most critical part of an ILMT implementation is for discovered software components to be mapped to licenses owned. Without this reporting will not only be inaccurate but also leads to non-compliance in an audit situation.


Resources and further information


Download our white paper to understand more about the role of ILMT & IBM Licensing Compliance in the modern virtualised server landscape.

Talk to a member of the Crayon ILMT team today by emailing: 

Suhail Aslam, IBM Sales


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Stay Compliant with ILMT & IBM Licensing.

29th September at 11:00

To stay complaint with IBM Passport Advantage Agreement you must upgrade ILMT to the latest version. The introduction of ILMT 9.2.19 requires DB2 to be upgraded from V10.5 to V11.5 to be installed prior to the upgrade which in turn also requires an minimum version of BigFix. You must carefully plan, coordinate the upgrade of all the components that make up your ILMT environment, BigFix, DB2 and linux. 

Join us to learn how to stay compliant with IBM licensing, cut costs using ILMT and upgrade to the latest version.

Topics covered include: 

• Introduction to IBM Licensing & IBM License Metric Tool 

• Complexities of ILMT and staying compliant 

• Challenges of upgrading to the latest version of ILMT on Linux