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The protection of the Company's intellectual property and the risks posed by corporate and non-corporate devices has significantly increased over the past few years.

With the rapid increase of working from home, the risks increase further, no longer are these devices inside heavily guarded networks but at the mercy of a router in a home office.


Crayon Unified Endpoint Management (Crayon UEM) makes it simple to manage your devices whether they be phones, tablets, windows or mac laptops. As working remotely becomes the norm managing and securing these will become more challenging.

The Control You Need In One Place
Crayon UEM Powered by IBM MaaS360 with Watson

Protection of the Company's intellectual property is getting more and more important as the risks of a breach has increased significantly over the past few years. Moreover, mobile devices are becoming a bigger part of the employee's workday and hence the protection of confidential files, emails, correspondence is crucial.

Crayon UEM will help your organization deal with the risks associated with mobile devices as well as increasing the productivity of your employees. This is done by giving your employees access to the appropriate apps as well as having the Mobile Devices highly secured and running without problems. Employees will also have secure access to internal information and Crayon UEM will make sure that this information cannot be shared outside the boundaries set. Moreover, Crayon UEM, Powered by MaaS360, will give your organization the necessary overview and control of the employee's mobile devices.


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Mobile Administration

Crayon UEM makes it possible for the company to have the complete overview, protection, and control of the mobile devices in your organization. Crayon UEM Supports iPhone, Android, and Windows.


  • Activation of mobile devices
  • Authentication against AD/LDAP
  • Administrative Portal where users can complete simple tasks
  • Configure email, calendar, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles
  • Decide on restrictions for camera, screenshot, cloud-storage, etc.
  • Activate security policy based on group rights, operating system or individual devices
  • Specify lock-code or encryption settings
  • Discover and block devices which are jailbroken
  • Locate, lock and erase mobile devices which are lost or stolen
  • Possibility for selective wipes that only erases company information, and which lets personal data be maintained
Application Management

Crayon UEM, Powered by IBM MaaS360 with Watson, makes sure that the employees have access to the appropriate apps. The users will get access to the company app-catalog with built-in security and lifecycle administration. The app-catalog has the same graphical user interface (GUI) as the built-in Apple Store/Google Play so that users will recognize the interface.


  • Company app-catalog to ease the process of distributing apps to employees
  • Mobile application Lifecycle management where you can distribute, update, administrate and protect the company as well as public apps
  • Compliance and rules to prevent a data breach
  • Functionality for purchasing apps in bulk and distribute these to employees

Crayon UEM, Powered by IBM MaaS360 with Watson, delivers Mobile Threat Management to discover an analyze threats amongst the mobile devices in your organization. The administrator can set rules that prevent further damage, which helps to increase security on mobile devices.


  • Discover and prevent virus on iOS and Android devices
  • Jailbreak and Root Cause discovery

Active Directory / LDAP
Synchronizes user information and groups from the company catalog to Crayon UEM. This will allow for log-in with the same log-in details that the employee uses on their work PC.

Exchange Server / O365
Gives the administrator overview and control of all ActiveSync devices which are connected to the company's mail server, no matter if the device is activated in Crayon UEM or not. This functionality makes it possible to apply rules on whether devices that are not activated in Crayon UEM should receive access to the company email.

IBM Secure Gateway
Gives mobile devices access to company resources which are not accessible through the internet without the need to set up a VPN service. The service will only be available on the employee's workspace (Container app), so that the security is maintained when confidential data is exposed on mobile devices.


Within Crayon UEM, Powered By IBM MaaS360 with Watson, there is a Container App, which delivers an encrypted workplace on the mobile device.

The workplace can be protected with fingerprints or a pin code, and there are built-in mechanisms to prevent data breach i.e. disallow data to be copied out of the encrypted workplace.

The workplace has also a dedicated messaging service which makes it possible for the organization to send secure messages directly to the employees.

The following functionality can be made available in the workplace:

  • Secure Mobile Mail
    Secure Mobile Mail contains emails, attachments & chat to prevent data leakage. It will also enforce authentication while applying restrictions for copy/paste and forwarding. Secure Mobile Mail is FIPS 140-2 Compliant and leverages AES-256 bit encryption for data at rest.
  • Secure Mobile Browser
    A feature-rich web browser for secure access to intranet sites. It provides functionality for defining URL filters and security policies based on categories. Secure Mobile Browser also has the possibility of blocking known malicious websites.
  • Content Management
    Content Management provides a set of content management and productivity tools with the ability to centrally manage documents, users, access controls, distributions, and policies.
  • Mobile Document Editor
    Mobile Document Editor enables users to securely create and edit standard Office documents contained within Secure Mobile Mail. Document types supported (but not limited to); Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


Watson Advisor

Watson Advisor provides insights and recommendations that empower you to:

  • Discover best practices for user productivity, recommendations for IT optimization and potential security threats—delivered right to your MaaS360 dashboard
  • Define what the insight is and why it is important for your organization
  • Assess the impact of best practices or security risks to your devices, users, applications and more
  • Act on the intelligence to unlock business opportunities or remediate security threats

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