Licensing Programs

Microsoft Volume Licensing Overview

What is Volume Licensing?

Microsoft offers price advantages for volume purchasing (5 or more software licenses). Based on your organisation size we recommend the following programmes:

  • Large Enterprise Agreement / Enterprise Subscription Agreement
  • Midsize and large - Select Plus
  • Small and midsize - Open, Open Value, Open Subscription 

How do I purchase Volume Licensing?

You can use the Microsoft License Advisor tool to learn about products, programs, and pricing, and to get a full price quote. Your IT solution may also quality for financing via Microsoft Payment Solutions. When ready, contact your Crayon Account Manager to take the next step.

Microsoft Payment Solutions

Microsoft Payment Solutions provide a range of flexible options that enable you to structure your IT spend to meet your specific business and financial needs.

Options include:

  • Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual spread payments
  • Deferred payment
  • Ramped payment

Note: As every organisation is different please contact us to discuss the payment options that are open to you.

Enterprise Agreements

Microsoft Enterprise Agreements

An Enterprise Agreement offers cost savings beyond standard license pricing, helping your organisation standardise IT across the enterprise, simplify its license management, and provides comprehensive Software Assurance benefits.

The Enterprise Subscription Agreement (ESA a variation of the Enterprise Agreement) provides similar advantages to those offered by the Enterprise Agreement with lower up-front costs and the ability to increase or decrease licenses and subscription counts on an annual basis to suit future business needs.

With this agreement, you have access to Microsoft software and online services for as long as you maintain your subscription.

Is my organisation eligible?

If your organisation has at least 250 desktop PCs and you want to license all of your qualified desktops for a three-year period, you can initiate an Enterprise Agreement (EA) or an Enterprise Subscription Agreement (ESA). Microsoft offers these programs for commercial businesses and for government organisations.


  • Optimise your technology spend for on-premise software licensing and online subscriptions.
  • Realise the cost savings associated with standardising your infrastructure and desktop technologies using Enterprise Agreement Enrollment Programs.
  • Use Software Assurance benefits to plan deployments, ready your users for new software, and support Microsoft products and services without incurring additional costs.
  • Decide which software and services to run on-premise or have hosted by a third party, based on what's most cost effective for you.


Streamline software compliance and asset management across all your Microsoft software and cloud services through a single agreement that helps you simplify software licensing, budgeting, and administration.


  • Choose from a wide variety of on-premise software and cloud services capabilities for different types of users based on their requirements. 
  • License additional devices and provision more users now, then "settle up" on your Enterprise Agreement anniversary date. 
  • Transition your users to online services at your own pace and scale.
Select Plus Agreements

Select Plus Licensing

Select Plus provides the freedom to purchase what you need when you need it providing flexibility and manageability for midsize and large organisations without the requirement to commit to a three year Enterprise Agreement.

Select Plus lets you acquire software licenses and services by department or affiliate while realizing volume purchasing advantages as one organization. The agreement never expires and has an optional 36 months of Software Assurance.


Due to the recent launch of the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) Microsoft is trying to simplify the agreement offering to customers. This now includes the retirement of Select Plus for commercial customers within the next 3 yrs.

Following this announcement at the Microsoft Partner Conference in July 2014, the next step will be that on July 1st 2015 Select Plus will no longer be an option for new customers. The MPSA will be its successor (See below).

The following year, on July 1st 2016, customers with existing Select Plus agreements will no longer be able to make new purchases after their agreement anniversary.  All future purchases will need to be purchased under the MPSA.

Next Generation Volume Licensing (NGVL)

The new NGVL offering launched by Microsoft, including the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). This was in pilot phase last year, MPSA is an all improved version of the current Select Plus program and will eventually replace it. Ultimately, MPSA is expected to consolidate other programs as well, including Enterprise Agreements. This will eventually be the only form of VL transaction available with Microsoft. Currently MPSA is only partially launched, offering only License Only and Online Services (OLS)

The MPSA shares many of the same features with Select Plus: 

  • Both can be utilised to order License only licensing
  • Evergreen agreement, so there is no need to keep signing new contracts
  • Use price levels (A, B, C, or D)
  • Allow different elements of a business, division or subsidiary to purchase through a mechanism called “affiliates” in Select Plus and “Purchasing Accounts” in the MPSA.

MPSA Allows….

  • Purchases of OLS. Through the MPSA, you can buy online services—such as Office 365, Windows Intune &  Dynamics CRM Online—Currently you have to purchase licenses and Online Services separately through the MOSA
  • Less legal docs. T’s and C’s that were formally detailed across multiple legal docments are consolidated into a single MPSA contract. In comparison, a Select Plus customer has to sign multiple legal documents, including a Microsoft Business and Services Agreement (MBSA), a Select Plus agreement and enrolment! and in recent years, sometimes Microsoft Online Services purchasing terms and conditions.
  • Mixed organisations. A single MPSA contract will be able to accommodate an entity composed of commercial, public sector, or academic affiliates, such as a Local Government Body. Under existing volume licensing programs, such an entity previously has to sign multiple separate unconnected agreements, each specific to the particular sector type.
  • Purchases through multiple resellers. In the MPSA, each Purchasing Account in the system has the freedom to transact through several different resellers. In comparison, Select Plus requires a single reseller to be assigned for each entity / affiliate.
Microsoft Open Licensing

Open Programs

The Microsoft Open programs (Open, Open Value & Open Value Subscription) are suitable for small and midsize companies with less than 250 computers. The Open programs provide a simple and cost effective way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology.

Talk to your local Crayon team today if you think these programs are right for your business.