Microsoft Office 365 Office 365 vs Google Apps
10 REASONS Why SMBs Choose O365 Over Google Apps for Work

Independent professionals and small and midsize businesses have to do more with less. It is about staying close to your customers, focusing on your business differentiators, and being more agile than your competitors.

Office 365 can help your business achieve these goals with low upfront costs, rich features, and a familiar Microsoft Office experience with a financially-backed guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

It brings together online versions of the most trusted communication and collaboration products with familiar Microsoft Office productivity software for businesses of all sizes. Users get an excellent productivity experience across PC, phone, and browser for the way they work today - and the way they will work in the future.

The world’s most popular productivity suite keeps getting better and better, while Google continues to play catch-up on issues such as file fidelity, offline access, and cross-platform support.

Of course Google also offers online productivity services with Google Apps for Work, so why should small and midsize businesses choose Office 365 over Google Apps? There are at least 10 good reasons...

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR 3 Reasons to Choose Office 365 over Google

Technology is changing the way we make decisions. Is your business stuck in a rigid hierarchy that creates silos of information spread among disparate technology platforms?

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out the three most compelling reasons to choose Office 365 over Google Apps. 

Crayon Scenario Analysis

Many can transact your licensing requirements, only Crayon GUARANTEES to reduce your costs!

Watch this short video to discover how the Crayon Scenario Analysis can help you make the right decision around your business productivity platform. We'll provide an in-depth explanation of multiple scenarios and provide you with a conclusion that maximises the return on your investment in the technology you use for business productivity.

We'll cover the strengths and limitations of both Google and Office 365 including:

  • Personal Productivity Tools
  • Document Formatting
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Social Technologies
  • Video/Web Conferencing
  • Portal Integration and Application Development
  • Various Additional Features of Each