Optimising the Modern Data Platform

Building a Visual Picture

Drive Profit & Growth for Your Business Analyse & Visualise Your Data

Data needs to be captured and interrogated before it can be used. But because of the sheer volume of information that’s captured, the only viable way to analyse it is through technology.

The need to visually represent data has long been understood because images are processed 60,000 times quicker than text, communicating information more clearly and concisely.

SQL Server 2016 allows you to analyse and visualise your data directly from your desktop or smart device as it is captured by your organisation. Through using Power BI, you can create and share visual insights into your data in real-time, allowing you to make better data-led decisions.

It allows users to create beautiful, insightful and easy-to-understand visuals – without the need to be a statistician or designer. It also allows users to analyse and visualise data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding.

Having the right technology in place to be able to visualise the data at your disposal is the next step in using it to drive profitable business behaviour. The ability to quickly process and analyse large amounts of data means you can address problems and discover insights faster.

  • Data visuals can provide insights that help you to achieve your goals
  • Quickly discover outliers among your data, allowing you to address issues before they become bigger problems
  • Create custom dashboards that provide an easily shared 360-degree live-view of your business from any device
  • Use data graphics to make better decisions such as improving business processes, increasing customer retention, and enhancing service delivery
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In the second webinar Building a Visual Picture, we dig into how with the right approach and technology, leaders in big-data generate an average of 12% more revenue than their peers.

We also take a look into Power BI, R, and Cortana along with the other tools that bring data to life.

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