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Introducing Workplace from Facebook


Workplace connects everyone in your company through familiar Facebook tools like chat, groups, newsfeed and video calls. Everyone in your company can connect and collaborate in one place no matter where they are.

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Familiar and intuitive experience with chat, video calls and groups for easy adoption.

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Mobile accessibility allows you to stay connected with non-desk-based employees.

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Single, secure access point for all employee communication and collaboration.

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Integration with other enterprise tools including Office 365 and G-Suite.


Key factors to consider before implementing Workplace


Cultural considerations.

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Culture shift

With Workplace every employee is connected, and can have their say. Communication is no longer top down, it democratised throughout the organisation.

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Find tech savvy influencers within your organisation and get them create excitement and engagement at launch and beyond.

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How you communicate this change is vital. Every employee needs to understand the implications and how to join from launch.

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Workplace will let you think about your company structure in exciting new ways, reflecting the way your teams work best.

Technical considerations.

Our experienced consultants know the ins and outs of a successful technical implementation and will guide you on every step. There are several things you may want to consider:

  • Security
  • Authentication and single sign-on
  • IT configuration
  • Account management
  • Integration with Office 365 or G-suite
  • User experience
  • Desktop and mobile
  • User provisioning strategy
  • Member enrolment
  • Data cleanup

Why choose Crayon for your Workplace rollout?

At Crayon we understand that digital transformation is not about technology, it’s about culture and people. We have found that the 5 pillars methodology is exactly in line with our philosophy. That’s why we base our launch packages on them.

The 5 pillars are a proven methodology from Workplace that touches on every aspect needed to make sure you have a successful implementation. It gets every stakeholder involved - from executives, to champions, to front end workers - making sure that employees understand the vision and cultural change.

Our 5 pillar approach to a successful Workplace implementation.

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Executive engagement

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Technical implementation

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Group structure


Your partner in Workplace implementation and beyond


We offer a dedicated customer success manager who there to understand your needs, and guide you through your rollout, from cultural to technical requirements, from helping you pick your champions, to group set up, to technical roll out.

Crucially though our support extends beyond launch to ensure Workplace has a lasting impact for your organisation.


Fast track

Launch assistance call package 

Perfect for:

For smaller organizations or organizations with low complexity 


Fixed priced package



Customized workshop package

Perfect for:

For larger organizations or organizations with high complexity


Bespoke pricing dependant on the specific needs of your organisation and the scale of the roll out.


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