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Licensing The Virtual Environment

Licensing The Virtual Environment One Day Course. Available On-Site & Across The UK

From £695 per delegate (On-Site prices available on request)

Courses typically start at 9:00 and run till 16:00

Course Summary

This one day course looks at general virtualisation principals and rules and then covers virtualisation licensing for Microsoft, with a brief look at Cloud licensing. 

Additional Vendors (VmWare, Citrix, Adobe, Symantec) are available on request at time of booking. 

Attendees would need at least some basic product licensing knowledge. 

Key Agenda Points

Basic licensing rules

  • Covers the difference between physical and virtual environment
  • Licence Types and Metrics
  • Ways to buy

Principals of virtualisation 

  • What is Virtualisation
  • What are the benefits
  • What are the disadvantages
  • VDI vs Session Virtualisation
  • General virtual licensing rules

Virtualisation Technology

The technology that makes it happen

  • The Cloud
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • Hosting


Licensing Desktop PC’s


  • Remote Desktop Services (RDS)
  • Application Virtualisation APP-V
  • Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualisation MED-V
  • MDOP
  • Office 365
  • Developer Licensing

Virtual Servers

  • Licensing Windows Servers
  • Licensing SQL Servers
  • License Mobility
  • VDI & VDA
  • How SA can affect your licensing

Topics Available On Request

Adobe - Creative Cloud
Citrix - XEN App
Symantec - Virtual Servers

Available Dates & Locations

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Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wooburn Green, Bucks

Wednesday 7th June

Wednesday 5th July

Wednesday 16th August

Wednesday 13th September

Wednesday 25th October

Wednesday 22nd November

Wednesday 13th December


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