Microsoft Licensing Training Course

Microsoft - Licensing and Contract Fundamentals

Microsoft Licensing and Contract Fundamentals

Each course is £695. Save £140 when you book both courses together for £1250*

Courses typically start at 9:00 and run till 16:00

Course Summary

Become an expert in Microsoft Licensing and Contract Management.

You will receive an in-depth understanding of contract agreements and licensing concepts. We will cover the key principles of licensing Microsoft products, relating to desktop and server operating systems, desktop and server applications and online services. You will also be provided with an overview of Microsoft’s strategies in respect to Baseline reviews, and the subsequent information retention requirements for Software Asset Management in the Microsoft world.

By attending one of our Microsoft specific  training courses, you can learn about the complexities of Volume Agreements, Software Assurance, Virtualisation and the Cloud. We will also provide an overview of Microsoft's key strategies.


*both courses must be booked on consecutive days during the same month.

Microsoft Contract Fundamentals

Become an expert in Microsoft Contract Management, learn about the complexities of Volume Agreements and Software Assurance. You will learn how Microsoft makes its products and services available and we will provide you an overview of their strategies in respect of baseline  reviews, and the subsequent information retention requirements of software asset management in the Microsoft world.

Agenda points include the following:

  • Licensing basics - understanding what a license is, the types of license, versions & editions
  • Software license usage terms/product use rights
  • Proof of license/what constitutes a license/proof of license types
  • Microsoft agreements/channels
  • Software Assurance benefits/choosing the right Microsoft License contract
Microsoft Licensing Module

This course covers Microsoft licensing basics including an in-depth overview of licensing models including office 365. Attendees will build licensing knowledge and learn best practices for managing Microsoft products to avoid common compliance mistakes that cost the business unnecessary costs/fines.

Agenda points include the following:

  • What is a license? 
  • Licensing models - in-depth overview (including office365)
  • Licensing in the virtual world and an introduction to the Cloud
  • Complex License scenarios and how to apply them
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Microsoft Contract Fundamentals                                      Microsoft Licensing Module

Tuesday 6th March 2018                                                                            Wednesday 7th March 2018

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Tuesday 12th June 2018                                                                             Wednesday 13th June 2018

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Tuesday 11th September 2018                                                                  Wednesday 12th September 2018

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