DRIVE YOUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Secure Productive Enterprise Webinars
SECURITY A Secure Platform to Support Productivity & Growth

There is a lot at stake when it comes to keeping your entire network secure, while at the same time making sure it is totally accessible to all users.

The Security webinar takes a closer look at some of the security challenges that organisations face in today's modern workplace, and will deep dive into the key features of the Secure Productive Enterprise Suite that will directly address and help to overcome these obstacles.

Key focus areas for this session include Windows 10 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection and Azure Active Directory.

Date: Wednesday 8th March

Time: 3.00 pm (London, GTM)

Productivity User-Centric Technology to Aid Productivity

It stands to reason that the more productive your workers are, the more profitable your business is going to be...

Our Productivity webinar will demonstrate how Microsoft’s unique offering has been specifically designed to improve the way you work, and enable teams to work wherever and whenever they want – whilst maintaining the integrity of data and systems.  

This session will cover the powerful productivity and collaboration functionalities of Office 365 as well as the comprehensive voice capabilities. We’ll also take a look at the ways Secure Productive Enterprise benefits businesses that are geared towards collaborative and mobile working.

Date: Tuesday, 14th March

Time: 3.00 pm (London GMT)

INTELLIGENCE Data Driven Insights to Fuel Intelligent Working

Today’s most successful businesses are the ones that evolve at the same pace as technology, constantly finding ways to implement the latest innovations to gain an advantage over the competition.

This Intelligence focused webinar will uncover how the powerful features of Secure Productive Enterprise such as Power BI, MyAnalytics and OneDrive will give you and your teams the ability to work anytime, anywhere and still remain connected to your business, whilst keeping your data and systems secure.

Key topics for this session include SQL Server 2016, Azure Active Directory Premium, Power BI, MyAnalytics and SharePoint Server.

Date: Wednesday, 22nd March

Time: 3.00 pm (London, GMT)