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Helping you make virtul a reality with Microsoft Azure

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Join us virtually or one of our industry leading webinars. From thought leadership on the shape and direction of enterprise solutions, to technical enablement sessions to help you make the right decisions on your software infrastructure and licensing.

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How everyday companies are using data to automate with AI

Coming soon

Leaving robotic warehouses and driverless cars to silicon valley, we talk AI projects in everyday use. From weighing pigs to predicting disease, cows eating grass to human tracking. 

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Coming soon

Join Crayon Azure Specialist Dom Melly, and Microsoft Cloud Architect George Wood as they give a lowdown on Windows Virtual Desktop, and answer your questions on the challenges, advantages and technology behind implementing Windows Virtual Desktop for your business in 2021.

.Net modernisation on AWS

Coming Soon

Porting .NET Framework applications to .NET Core helps customers take advantage of the performance, cost savings, and robust ecosystem of Linux. Learn how Crayon use analysis tools that scans .NET Framework applications to generate .NET Core compatibility.

Reduce costs and improve security - become an AWS superhero

Coming Soon

Cloud consumption can be billed and evolved by the second, cloud cost and security optimisation should match. Crayon's continuous optimisation uses cost and security data to drive the automation of infrastructure management in real time as workload change.