Industries Connected Buildings

IoT for Connected Buildings - Streamline building automation. Conserve energy, reduce cost and increase security

Most buildings have some level of intelligence today, whether temperature, lighting, access or fire safety. Now, it’s possible to get more building data, much more cost efficient, to optimise your building’s maintenance and operations, and make better decisions.

The development and deployment of “smart” IoT solutions provide actionable data relevant to all segments of the intelligent building value chain, including, but not limited to: building owners, utility companies, builders and developers, service providers, insurance companies, integrators and installers, industry associations and technology manufacturers. Investments in IoT dramatically increasing return on investment and providing the data framework that enables connected intelligence to uncover new opportunities through better management of building operations, security and energy.

  • IoT is an important tool that will ultimately improve the efficiency of building automation systems (BASs) and change the dynamics of facilities management.
  • Real-time monitoring of building systems to prevent loss of critical assets – sensors and edge computing can detect temperature changes, sounds or water pressure variations and alert systems to act at the right time.
  • Dynamic power consumption – by connecting to energy suppliers a connected building ensures the lowest possible energy costs.

Facilities Management

Combine analytics with sensors and equipment to optimise facilities management operations.
IoT makes it possible to understand what is happening within every component of a building and for building-automation systems (BAS) to optimise performance. The IoT solutions with predictive analytics can be configured to anticipate problems and make necessary adjustments to avoid failures, resolving issues before occupants are impacted.

With data from sensors and edge computing equipment with analytics, there has never been easier or more cost efficient to optimise your building’s maintenance and operations.

Enterprise asset management.

Connected devices, data analytics and enterprise asset management (EAM) are changing the way maintenance is conducted. To manage the full asset lifecycle and better address business imperatives, asset-intensive organisations require integrated visibility, control and automation across their business and technology assets.

The internet of things brings together remote condition monitoring, intelligent assets, sensors and external and historical data sources with a simple, cost-effective toolset. When unintelligent assets, or safety critical operational systems which cannot be tapped into, are augmented with IoT sensors, the technology bridges the gap between physical and digital representations of assets.

The IoT creates vast opportunities for integrating systems and creating intelligent buildings that operate more efficiently and with less risk while delivering superior occupant experiences. While the analytics made possible by the IoT provide insights, people are still needed to process the information and apply it effectively to obtain desired results.

Crayon enable rapid creation and deployment of new IoT applications that connect, manage, analyse and optimise complex data sets, allowing for better management of building operations, security and energy.