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IoT for First Responders can improve the safety and effectiveness

Law enforcement, Paramedics, Firefighters and Soldiers are the first line of defense in protecting the health and safety of citizens. Internet of Things (IoT) is providing new tools to the mobile responders, so they can respond to incidents faster, safer and more effectively.

People, helicopters, ground vehicles, ships, planes, and weapons systems have been networking and sharing tactical data long before IoT gained momentum in the commercial world, and the defense industry has pioneered in the development of machine-to-machine communications and unattended sensors. With the growth of autonomy in vehicles, sensors, and whole networks, the connected battlespace of the future – in which every asset, large or small, human or machine can communicate and share data – seems within reach.

IoT can be an important element for fully immersive virtual simulations for soldiers and law enforcement personnel training; autonomous vehicles; the ability to use smart inventory systems to consolidate warehouses using a web-based delivery and inventory system.

The connectivity will spread everywhere, from munitions to weapons, robotics, vehicles and wearable devices. These devices will generate an enormous amount of data, which needs to be analysed for optimal value.

Risk analysis and optimal usage of resources

Advanced use of data-analytics, bringing together and analysing information from a large number of sources could help to prioritise resources better and increase safety.

Visualisation systems now exist that allow forces to monitor and integrate a wide array of data streams, both live and historical. Weather data, crime statistics, transit maps and other.