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IoT for Retail - The Internet of Things (IoT) will take e-commerce to the next level

We have the ability to identify the gap between what we think is happening and what is truly happening and then take necessary action. Those who are involved in the retail and e-commerce industries must stay on top of this trend to stay ahead of the competition.

The IoT has already started working its way into retail stores, and technologies will continue to disrupt the traditional retail process in the coming years. A majority of retailers expects they will be able to customise the store visit for customers by 2020, as a majority of them will know when a specific customer is in the store. This will set the foundation for the retailers as well as financial services, healthcare and other industries.

IoT devices like Smart mirrors, Smart shelves, Dash buttons, Self-checkout and others have already entered the industry. Smart mirrors let customers virtually try on clothes, which enhances the shopping experience and offers added convenience for the shoppers by not forcing them to travel to and from the fitting room. Smart shelves, meanwhile, automatically monitor inventory in stores and notifies the manager when an item is running low. Dash Button, a Wi-Fi connected device that lets you reorder your favorite products simply by pushing a button. No logging onto the site, finding the item, and buying it every time. Just one push and you’re done. Industrial robots for manufacturing, but in-store robots will also be in the mix. With these changes taking place quickly, there is hardly any limit for IoT in retail.

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Crayon offers accurate end-to-end IoT solutions including edge computing, sensors, cloud platforms as well as an interface for presenting data — all of which works to meet the unique needs of today’s connected world. So now what? Contact us for a retail & IoT discussion today.