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NLP and Advanced AI - In order to reap benefits of automation in communication

– Artificial Entity makes it possible to communicate with thousands of other entities using their own language in real-time.

Our programmers and developers work on a daily basis to automate and enhance M2M/H2M/M2H communication and improve our daily routines.

Imagine a situation where production line is automatically informing company sales representatives of the current state of production, next possible delivery dates, scheduled maintenance and then updating the relevant information to company CRM with additional details provided by the sales representative.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with hundreds of translation services available today enable a whole new level of communication between Man and Machine and even between companies over different industries.

‘Internet of Things’ and Artificial Entities refer to connecting everything we live with to the Internet – so that our human needs can be communicated directly to businesses we purchase from on a daily basis. Businesses will be able to answer to requirements of people at an aggregated level and realign product strategies on a daily basis – or even in real-time, if they have the manpower to do so – and this is AI will come into play.

Real-time analytics combined with AI-powered Artificial Entity can give insights which are more actionable and timelier than ever before.