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Cyber-Physical Systems now extend Security requirements all the way to the hardware level

Modern hackers utilise thousands of different methods and techniques to access information, material and pretty much anything they can get their hands on – generally, these actions will have very negative results for the company being attacked – especially if the attack successful and particularly if it is not even noticed.

First few things to consider in any IoT system on a Security perspective –

  • Train people to utilise and understand your IoT systems
  • Know and control all-things-connected
  • Ensure lifecycle management of your software but also hardware

With above your will ensure basic security measures – after that comes actual security policies and procedures. Most specifically IT Security companies today state – It is no longer case of IF you get attacked, but WHEN will you get attacked… will you notice the attack and do you have measures to prevent any further damage?

2018 GPDR brings a whole new level of security requirements and also legal requirements – particularly for companies operating in B2C environment where personal data is being processed on a daily or even constant (near-real time) basis.