Solution Design Infrastructure & Code Analysis

A lot of SharePoint farms are running under less than optimal conditions. This can be due to misconfigurations, unexpected growth of content, change of usage, increased number of users, bad or failing hardware, or the fact that a lot of customisations done to SharePoint can affect performance in certain scenarios without the developers even knowing that this is happening.

Infrastructure review

Crayon provides services to do a full infrastructure review of your on-prem SharePoint farms. This is done using industry leading tools, and will assess everything from operating system configuration on your servers, SQL Server setup, disk and hardware configuration as well as checking whether SharePoint services are configured optimally and according to best practice.

We deliver full reports with a follow-up plans if there are actions to be taken.

Code review

Crayon does code reviews on customisations installed on your farm using code analysis tools and expert SharePoint developers with 10+ years of experience. We assess if customisations are correctly implemented, we check to see if they follow Microsoft’s best practices, and if they do unnecessary things that cause excessive load, failures and strain on your SharePoint farm. We analyse everything from running code to SharePoint log files to look for issues.

Crayon also do code migration analysis, to see if customisations are prepared for your new environments, be it a new on-prem SharePoint, upgrade or a move to the cloud and Office 365.

Full reports with remedy plans are delivered.

This service applies, but is not limited to the following items:

Microsoft, SharePoint