Crayon Cloud Easy Services Cloud Azure Tenant Migration

Many customers wish a adopt a pure play ‘Pay As You Go’ model when using Cloud Services that provides the flexibility associated with fluctuating usage patterns. As a result, CSP licensing is starting to become the popular choice for customers using the Microsoft Cloud with many moving from other agreement forms to CSP.

Crayon offers many value add benefits to our CSP customers such as Crayon’s Intelligent Cloud customer enablement platforms which allow customer or partners to have full control over their usage of Cloud platforms and reap the benefits available to them from using Pay As You Go models, without the risk of unmanaged cloud consumption costs eating into your ROI projections.

It's impossible to just convert Traditional Azure subscriptions or Azure EA subscriptions to CSP as these types of subscriptions are different. There is no simple "switch" so you need to move resources from source subscription (Traditional or EA) to destination subscription (CSP). Crayon can provide deep support for all aspects of this process including migrating resources, resource groups, managed disks and enable the transition from ASM to ARM.  

This service is charged as a fixed price per resource and per managed disk migrated with an additional fixed charge for ASM to ARM transition.