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Know the unknown….

Moving to the Cloud does not automatically provide you the assurance that everything has been taken care of. You still must deliver value back to your users and ensure their workloads are performing on Cloud. You may not have the know-how to assess all the issues from your Cloud environment.  This can be daunting when you get inundated with monitoring tasks for multiple workloads. Your priority resources should be focusing on more important work to build value for your business. This is where we step in to help with our Cloud Easy Management Managed Services.

Infrastructure monitoring

On any cloud we can offer monitoring services for infrastructure, OS, apps and databases (across CPU usage, memory, storage, IOPS and performance). We will also provide complete diagnostics of the Cloud environment including, but not limited to, performance counters, event logs, IIS logs, Crash dumps, Error Logs, Infrastructure logs etc.

Optimisation with analytics

Servers, switches, clients and end user devices produce vast amounts of data. These logs contain valuable data that can offer insight into enterprise inefficiencies, resource consumption, security vulnerabilities and root causes of downtime. We analyse these logs and reduce the number of alerts raised to streamline the environment further.

Monitoring tools

We can integrate with Cloud native tools such as Azure Monitor, Operations Management Suite, AWS Cloudwatch, Google Stackdriver and many more to offer you proactive monitoring services that are specifically designed for you. Where you have a hybrid environment we can integrate using tools you may have deployed like SCOM, Solarwinds or we can deploy EM7 from ScienceLogic with complete dashboards and deliver proactive alerting through our Service Desk.

Add-on Managed Services

Do you have a backup plan for your business? Have you thought about using Private, Public or Hybrid cloud for your back up strategy? Not sure how to go about implementing a backup plan on cloud? Backup plans need to be based on policies determined by your organization and the relevant regulatory bodies in order to operate and ensure safety and long term retention of sensitive data for audit and compliance regulations. You must ensure workloads are protected from planned and unplanned downtown, as this can cause adverse business, brand, and in some cases, legal impact. The add on managed services available are:

  • Managed Back Up
  • Managed Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Security
  • Managed Database