International SAM Institute (ISI) IAITAM Certified IT Asset Manager (CITAM)

CITAM 3 Day Course

ttendees will learn about the entire ITAM Program and take with them the foundation plan for starting or improving their organisation's ITAM Program.

The intense three day course is packed full of information and real-world experiences designed to make your ITAM Program more efficient and effective, and will allow professionals to review their existing infrastructure, policies and processes from the existing model and plan a real-world IT Asset Management Program for the future.

A focused ITAM Program Management system will increase the value of your organisation by defining the organisational mission, overall strategies, objectives, measurements and prioritisation of all IT Asset Management efforts.

Who should attend?

The CITAM course is not designed for the novice IT Asset Manager and is homework intensive. IAITAM strongly recommends prior CSAM / CHAMP certification and / or a well-founded working knowledge of IT Asset Management and an understanding of the attendee's organisations business model.

The course summary and agenda are available below.


Classroom Dates & Locations - €2,750

Available Dates

 24th - 26th November                         


 10:00 - 17:00                          


Wooburn Green, Bucks, UK 






Online Course Dates - €2,750

Available Date

There are no events currently scheduled













All courses will be held  in the local language unless otherwise stated. Course materials and online exam is in English for all countries.



Need help registering?

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CITAM Course Summary
CITAM Examination

The online exam is available for students starting on the last day of class; and is available from 14 days from this point. One hundred (100) questions are on the IAITAM CITAM exam and a passing mark is achieved by attaining 85% or higher.

Testing requires non-interrupted internet connection and may be taken at any time during the open period; once a test is started, students are required to complete it during that session and are permitted up to 3 hours to complete. However, it is suggested to take the exam as soon as possible following the course.

Exam results are available immediately after completing the exam within the IAITAM Exam Center.

CITAM Recertification

The IAITAM Recertification Program applies to all CITAM, CSAM, CHAMP, CMAM, CITAD, CAMSE and CAMP certified professionals. The program is built on a continuing education platform targeted to increasing the knowledge level of our certified professionals and to recognize personal achievements during the certifying year.

Recertification will now be required by the anniversary date of your most recent certification or recertification in order to keep all IAITAM Certifications current. This means, if you have successfully certified in multiple IAITAM courses you need only recertify once for all certifications held by the anniversary date of your most recent certification or recertification.

Recertification cannot be purchased through the ISI website, please contact IAITAM direct at or call +1.330.628.3012 to recertify.