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Crayon Devoted to good Corporate Governance

Crayon considers good corporate governance to be a prerequisite for value creation and trustworthiness, and for access to capital.

In order to secure strong and sustainable corporate governance, it is important that Crayon ensures good and healthy business practices, reliable financial reporting and an environment of compliance with legislation and regulations across the Crayon Group.

Crayon has governance documents setting out principles for how its business should be conducted. These apply to all of Crayon's subsidiaries as well as Crayon itself. References to certain more specific policies are included in this corporate governance policy, where relevant. Crayon's governance regime is approved by the board of directors of Crayon.

The Company endorses the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance (Norwegian: "Norsk anbefaling for eierstyring og selskapsledelse"), issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board, most recently revised on 30 October 2014.

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