Technology Features Securing & Empowering the Mobile Worker
Symantec Information Protection Securing & Empowering the Mobile Worker

Securely manage your data and turn every internal point of weakness into a point of protection

Advanced threat protection will keep your data safe from attackers, but it’s not just external threats you have to worry about. Flexible working practices are great for productivity, but unless protection is designed in, these practices add greater risk of information loss or exposure.

Information Protection Essential for Enterprises Today

Information protection is essential for enterprises today. Your data can be compromised by many internal factors that are often overlooked. More employees are working across multiple locations and using many devices, often checking their emails and accessing the cloud or critical information from unsecured points. And your employees may not always know when their behaviour is exposing your data to the wrong people.

The reality is that your data is everywhere: it’s vital that you identify internal points of weakness quickly and turn them into points of protection.

Symantec can help you do that. No matter where your information is being accessed, we’ll help you make sure it’s always protected with the latest authentication, discovery and encryption methods. 

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