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Cloud Architecture Optimising ROI From Cloud Technology Investments

Managing your enterprises' adoption of cloud technology can appear simple on the surface but conceal many hazards and hidden dangers for the unwary.

Optimising cloud technology often calls for the implementation of new IT governance procedures and processes across the enterprise, data security and access protocols often require consideration and most importantly the process of implementing a cloud adoption and digital transformation strategy requires technical resources skilled and experienced in the task that are not always easily accessible within the enterprise.

Cloud Architecture Crayon Consulting Services

Crayon's deep SAM and IT consulting heritage position us uniquely to help our customers define their optimum journey to the cloud and efficiently procure, provision and adopt the technology across your estate in order to maximise your ROI on Cloud Technology investments.

Crayon have over 600 highly skilled technical consultants across the following Technical Practices: 

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security & Mobility
  • Analytics & Intelligence
  • SAM
  • Training

Plus our exclusive services packages such as our AzureEasy Program make it simple for customers to choose the things that they really want to achieve in the cloud and quickly align support to achieve their desired outcomes.