Managed & Subscription Services Cloud Easy Services

The Crayon Cloud Easy portfolio of services begins by helping organisations to understand the benefits of moving to the cloud from a budgetary perspective and providing the architecture, security and technical assessments required to determine which workloads should feasibly be moved to the cloud.

Once this is established Cloud Easy Services can provide the expertise to help you migrate your platform/s to the cloud, including managing and transitioning identity and networking considerations and provide the subsequent operations and management for the environment as required.

The Crayon Cloud Easy Services are designed to provide end to end platform transition, management and support, together with ongoing financial optimisation of your platform on a quarterly basis.

The Crayon Cloud Easy Services are divided into separate services that build upon each other allowing you to choose which elements you would like Crayon to take responsibility for and which elements you may require your own team to execute on with or without Crayon support so we can take responsibility for managing all your cloud infrastructure or for certain modules depending on your needs.